Thoughts In Mind #1

by - Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gonna start on a new section as seen on the title.
It will more on what's on my mind lately. Or some issues that keep me thinking. More rantings too.
:) You may wish to skip or ignore this post...

I don't deny that I'm not a clever person. And I admit I do not like studying. My last education stopped at Polytechnic where I obtained my diploma. Nothing to be proud of academically. I don't score fantastically. LOLS! My hope was to pass every modules without retaking any papers.
I enjoyed my 3 years of campus life making friends who I am still meeting now. But since year 1 of poly, I have told myself "if I'm able to score good grades, perhaps I will pursue a degree." Of course, I did not have good grades. Hence, after the last camp of my campus life, I went into the corporate world. With no skills, not knowing what to expect. it was a new world to me. I am glad to be given a chance to learn. Job role changed a year ago. Doing something I have no knowledge/experience. I have great bosses who are willing to guide me.

I know the importance of having a degree. It is like a must-have now. However, I have many friends who are pursuing a degree. Guess what? Most of them told me is about the start salary that they will be getting. That's probably one of the reasons I do not want to go to uni. Just for the money? I understand different people have different mindset. And perhaps, the generation I am in is more realistic? I always believe money can't buy happiness, and I have to be contented with what I have. That is to said, I am contented with how much I have earn.

I am looking into taking courses but I have not prepare myself to be back in classes. Moreover, I have a full-time job and a business to look after. I have things I want to pursue too. I have a dream job that I want to work. I have my desired course I want to learn. How many times I regretted for not holding back on things I like just because of people's judgements and discouragements.
I can't turn back time. So I will make use of what I can now to go for things I want.

I admit I do have a different thinking as compared to most of my closed friends. I don't deny they feel I'm weird. When everyone is studying, I'm working with no directions. But that is what they think. I don't share thoughts lately to anyone anymore because I know they end up not understanding.

Education may stop early for me. But I'm happy. To be honest, I'm glad to know more colleagues right now. Sometimes talking casually with them, make me think more positively. And also my bosses who are supportive and always give me chances to learn and grow. Of course my parents who are the open mind parents. They are the only ones who respect my decisions fully and always give support to me. And some few dear friends out there who always give me positivity in my directions.

Ending with a quote:
" It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop." - Confucius

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