Penang 2015 - Local Food #1

by - Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How many of you are like me when you are in overseas? 
I eat a lot when I'm in other countries, I don't mind trying local food, AND! I can walk a distance.

Penang was more of food and food. So I don't recommend long stay. 

Curry Mee

It was more equivalent to Singapore's laksa. OH! If you eat curry chicken noodle in Singapore, you will find a huge drumstick in your bowl. But in Penang, they put in slices of chicken meat.

Wonton Mee.

I guess it's very much tasted different in Singapore. I would prefer Pontian wonton because of the black sauce. But Penang version is more light in taste.


Saw this near Chulia Mansion, the hotel I stayed. I was like "LOK LOK!!!". A little regret I didnt had more!

Char Kuay Tiao

I prefer Penang version of CKT. Singapore version is too sweet for me.
FYI, I don't eat CKT actually. But Penang one was good for me!

More Wanton Mee!
This one is the roadside stall at a nightmarket along Lebuh Chulia.
Tasted much more better than the one I posted earlier :)

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