Penang Sneaks !

by - Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gonna be 2 weeks since I'm back from Penang !
It's a wonderful place full of heritage and arts for me. AND! Full of food! Eat to live, live to travel! hahaha!

Here are some sneaks on what I will be sharing soon. Give me time! hahha!
I will be back in Penang but not so soon. Perhaps the next time round I shall bring my family and get my relatives to help us on the transport part.

Georgetown is really the place I would want to be. Roaming around quietly, sitting in a cafe reading a book. A different feeling as compared to the cafes in Singapore. I'd probably sit there whole day just stoning, blogging, reading, people watching.

Can't wait to share the visuals with you!


Local food


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