Paddy Hills

by - Thursday, June 04, 2015

I love cafehopping but rarely to the West area because I stayed somewhere North-East.
Thanks to my friends who drive, I get to visit some areas where I don't get to go like at all~~
You can say "sua-ku".. Journey to the west really need a lot of energy to travel.
Of course, I don't mind travel "wu-lu" places by feet. So don't get me wrong! 

Paddy Hills is one of the newer cafe in town. Friends and I love the ambience of the cafe. We feel relax and prolly the location make us feel even trouble-free. It is located out of town, thus, less people around the area. PEACE! We went twice. First for just coffee, second for dinner. Do expect some crowds during weekends and dinner time.

To be honest, I could just stay here whole day having brunch, tea time and dinner. So nice ambience!

Golden Man Tou Sliders With Truffle Fries

Chick N' Egg

38 South Buona Vista Road
Singapore 118164


On a side note, I am going Penang today! Do catch me on my Instagram for more foodie posts. I doubt there will be any ootds taken since it's only Penang for 3D2N.
But of course I will visit the heritage trail and street arts!

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