by - Friday, August 05, 2016

“She wanted him to notice her so much.” - Ann Brashares

Seems like the busy days are not going to be lesser. I have been super tied down with work ever since I'm back from HK. Although it's about 2 months since HK trip, I feel like I need another break out of here. Perhaps, you can't tie up someone like me who goes for freedom and happiness more than anything.

I was going through the most challenging and hardest period ever since I started working. But am glad the darkest period is now over. I have no idea when the next one is coming. If you can see me updating this area means I still have a bit of personal time.

Lately, the question about my relationship status comes back into topic. Ohwell, I don't wish to talk much about this because it only gives me more worries, more overthinking (when I tend to) and waste of my energy. I believe treating this issue naturally would be the best way. I am happy with my life right now because I have many wonderful friends. And that is it. Happy with current situation, expect nothing else.

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