Chir Chir

by - Saturday, May 23, 2015

Have no idea why of all sudden, the craze for Chi-Mek is all over in Singapore, together with Pat-bingsu.

And the more chains of them opening in the country. The more disappointment I have in them.

Chir-Chir was pretty one of the newer Chi-Mek chain in Singapore.
Opened in the Somerset 313, I heard there are long queues.

Never a cheese fan. Firstly, I always feel I could just buy any cheese sauce from NTUC and dip it at home. My own cheese -whatever.

Mac n Cheese. Because it's a cheese. I have cheese fan friends.

Decided not to dirty our hands very much. So we ordered strips instead.
Tried once, it's enough. If I have cravings for fried chicken, prolly the one near my office would be still the number 1 choice.

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