In 2015

by - Friday, January 01, 2016

Year 2015 wasn't a very good one for me as compared to 2014.
Many plans were not fulfilled. I'm stuck at a point I don't know what I want or where am I heading to. Kind of depressed because I have never felt so lost. And at that point of time, I realized I have no one to turn to for advices.

Work gradually grew because my team is small. But I really enjoy working in a small team. Everyone in the team is so lovely. Somehow I think we are able to cover each other flaws. I have understanding bosses who allow me to learn and grow in an area I have zero knowledge and experience. It's been a year with my new team. Everything still new to me... The busiest year in my 3 years?
In 2014, most of my dearest friends left the company which made me super sad. It seems like I am still the only one surviving in the company. However, in 2015, I met a group of people whom I become friends with. Some have left us, but the group is still lovely as ever. To be honest, I partly survive because of them. Making work everyday a happy place :)

I wasn't able to focus on my passion (MDP) because I am busy with work. I know many of my friends have been wondering how my sideline is now. Here's an answer. I am halting MDP for now. Not too sure if I will continue in future... It's really too tiring to manage between the shop and a full-time job. I do feel sad because I am not able to do what I like.. But at least I've gotten my priorities right.

My travelling plans for 2015 was to visit Korea again. But due to no promo and MERS, I have changed the plan to Taiwan! Umm... just because I dreamt eating Ah Chung Meesua. LOLS! I am happy to travel with my long time bffs, Adel & Claris. Knowing them for about 10 years, this was the first time we travel together. I think we got to know each other more in this trip?

Towards the end of the year, I was really busy but I somehow glad I am. I have no time to think of any other things. And work is the first thing on my mind. Gatherings during festive season make me happy to see every important people in my life. 2015 end with a more happier note, I am so blessed.

See you 2016. Be nice, be full of adventures. Till then... 

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