by - Friday, January 22, 2016

Have been working for about some 3 years going 4. Not that I am clever or a degree holder. Anyway, some degree holders are a total failure. Trust me!

I always think regardless of what position you are in or what your jobscopes are, we all learn as we grow in our area. But I've see a lot of people pushing responsibilities and not growing. For instance, when you ask them questions, they replied you "I DON'T KNOW!", "NOT ME!". Yes, not you then who? All we could was to forward to someone who will be in a good position to advise me/you who to look for.
But people just simply say I DON'T KNOW to push away additional work.
Bad working attitude. Fine.

And then, you can be amazed that the whole team with more than 10 people telling you they fucking don't know, and hoping you to know. Hell yea? How the fuck am I supposed to fuckin know when Im the one who is asking. Shameless folks.

Am not a person who discriminate or look down on people easily. I always think if one who is slower or weaker is willing to learn and improve, he/she should be given a chance to grow and upper class to give them recognition.

However, to that particular team. I wouldn't. No chances should be given to them because they are just passing their time in the office. Leave office on the dot at 5:30pm SHARP. Go for uncountable times of smoke break. Kind of pollute the air. Being useless because their jobs are not that challenging.

How idiotic when there are many people outside wanting to get a job for real couldn't, and people like them have a proper job, come office everyday to waste time.

Haha~ joke. What is this working society about. Still exploring~
Okay~ end of ranting.

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