The Provision Shop

by - Saturday, July 18, 2015

It's been 3 years working at the same company, same place.
I almost have a problem on deciding what to eat. Knowing your location have actually quite some gems around, but you could not visit them.

I'm a person who enjoy exploring new food places rather than eating the same food at the same place in a repetition mode weekly. How boring.. But I do face problem like my lunch peeps want to eat traditionally, meaning only rice, noodle. Then the budget types who think having such food is expensive and not doesnt feed the stomach well.

I do have such boring peeps around. Sigh~

And so with the not so boring peeps, we decided to try out The Provision Shop at Everton Park. It's a 15-20 min walk from my office. And yes, We walked. -.-

Egg Benedict

Nadine's Mushroom Melt Monsterwich

Cheese Cake

(That tasted abit weird?)

The Provision Shop

Rainbow chairs :))
Will be back to try others!

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