Big Bang [MADE] Concert 2015

by - Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Title says it all.
It's fangirl post. hehehe!

18th/19th July was BB's con in Singapore. I was super excited. Because the last BB concert was in 2012/2013. Alive Tour~~
The boys are back again!

And so my VIP Crown Lightstick could be in use again. And I changed batteries.
Apparently, it died at the last 2 songs during encore. LOLS!

Not to forget a #selfie with lightstick and before concert.

Took a picture of the stage before the concert. I just love going YG family concert.



The only picture of everyone!!

AND! My G-dragon on screen!!

Was looking forward to their concert. And now it's over. I have a Taiwan trip next to look forward. All I do now is endure and wait till the time to jet off!

I promise to improve my phototaking skills, have more confidence when taking ootds, more food pictures too. Not to be lazy~

Happy Mid-Week!

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